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  • Why should I choose custom?
    Having your own, one-of-a-kind piece is very rewarding. You are involved with the process from start to finish. Your jewelry can be built to accommodate any size or shape of stone. The quality and craftsmanship is of the highest standards.
  • Can you reuse my gold?
    We can use your old gold from finished jewelry, but it is not always recommended. We cannot control or guarantee the structural integrity of the finished piece if we do not know the original source of the metal and it's chemical composition. If after looking at the old gold, we decide it will not work, we can take it in as scrap to be refined and give you credit toward the project.
  • How long will It take?
    Once a design has been chosen from drawings or examples, the process should take between 2-4 weeks. If parts are on order or changes are made to the design after the creation has started it could take slightly longer.
  • How does the custom process work?
    We start by sketching your ideas. A deposit must be made before starting. The next step is choosing a method for creating the piece. If the design calls for hand carving a wax, it is approved, then cast. If the CAD (Computer Aided Design) is used, a life like rendering can be created from the 3-D model on the computer before it is milled into wax before it is cast. If the design is hand fabricated, it is built from scratch and more time is spent finalizing the details, before it is started. See our custom page for more information on the custom process.
  • Will you set my stone in your jewelry?
    We are happy to set your stones into our jewelry, custom or stock. Pricing is based on size, style of setting, and difficulty. Call for details.
  • What are 'Conflict-free' diamonds?
    Conflict-free diamonds are mined, cut, polished and distributed in ethical ways. The profits from the stones do not fund war, terrorism the drug trade or other criminal activity. The Kimberley process was set up to guide and monitor the Diamond industry and is conformed to by almost all governments of the world and by all the important diamond producing, cutting and distribution companies of the world. We carry only Conflict-free diamonds! For more information on the Kimberly process see
  • What are your guarantees?
    Your jewelry has been individually crafted with the finest of materials to demanding quality standards. It has also been designed to exact manufacturing specifications and is warranted against imperfections in design and craftsmanship. What is your return policy?... We offer exchanges only. The jewelry must be returned for exchanges in new condition within 14 days of the date purchased.
  • Should I have my jewelry insured?
    Having all of your precious jewelry insured is an excellent idea. Eaton Turner Jewelry uses Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, and we recommend contacting your professional insurance agent to fulfill your insurance needs.
  • Do you offer financing?
    We have a financing program for all purchase through L.J.C. financing. We offer 6 months, no interest with regular payments, on approved credit. We also offer the option of layaway with 20 percent down and regular payments.
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