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"Exceptional customer service from start to finish!"

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The jewelers are immensely talented, the staff is super helpful, and the customer service is fantastic! Just when I though I couldn't have a better experience with this company, I get my car stuck pulling out of their driveway and two kind gentlemen from the store helped me get my car out! Thank you!!! You guys are the best.


My first ring came from Eaton Turner in 1970, my second ring in 1973. I always loved the fine standard of perfect jewelry and consistently great crafting and repairs. Of course the personal interaction from the staff is a positive plus and I would highly recommend them for all jewelry needs.


I've purchased items over the years at Eaton Turner Jewelry. The staff and the jewelry is second to none. It's no surprise to me they have been in business for so many years.


Michael Marlow

A better jeweler in Helena you will not find!