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Can somebody help me? A: With tar, you want to add a -x option to the command line to specify the'magic file' to use to interpret the file's contents. For example: $ echo 'hello' | tar xf - $ tar xf - hello If your file contains invalid characters, there may be a different magic file which will be automatically used instead. Normally, the special file name name.tar.gz will be read, so to extract any archive named name.tar.gz you could use tar xf name.tar.gz. But to explicitly specify a different magic file, you can use tar xf -T name.tar.gz. You can see the special file names in the manual page. To extract tars and zip, you can use 7-Zip, which is a widely used archiver. To install the program in Ubuntu, run the following command in Terminal: sudo apt install 7z Oral malodorousities of ischemic heart disease. In order to analyze the oral malodorousities of ischemic heart disease, a total of 97 patients with ischemic heart disease were studied. Unilateral or bilateral sensory disturbance was observed in 81% of the patients, glossodynia in 69%, and dysphagia in 58%. The numbers of gustatory, tactile, and pain abnormalities were found to be significantly higher in the oral than in the cutaneous district.Q: Accessing C# variables in a.cs Script I am trying to access the variables of a class from a.cs script. However, this does not work, unless I turn of scripting. I can't turn off scripting as there is an embedded script on this page. I created a new class called TestClass as follows: using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class TestClass : MonoBehaviour { public string str; } I then added a reference to the class as follows:




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