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A Little Eaton Turner History

Updated: May 10, 2019

Eaton Turner Jewelry has been in the Helena community since 1885.

Generations of fine jewelry in the heart of Montana.

Eaton Turner Jewelry has been in the Helena community since 1885.  Locations have changed, names have changed, but what has always remained the same in this family owned business is the dedication and drive to serve the Helena community.

The beginning for this amazing store originally Chas. H. Pratt, Jewelers, was in downtown Helena.  It was later purchased by Zip Eaton and Roy Turner in 1946 from Mrs. Pratt and her son George. It was then that it received the name we still use today.  Roy left by the 1950s, and Zip ran it until 1982 when Lynn Beattie purchased it from Zip.  In 1996 Don and Deanna Johnson purchased the store keeping the name Eaton Turner Jewelry.  Don is a master goldsmith, who taught metal smithing in New York for 12 years, brought custom jewelry to another level with the process of lost wax casting and a laser welder.  These new additions gave customers more options for custom jewelry.  In 2000 their Son Corey, joined the family business.  Learning from his dad, Corey has the natural ability and talent to follow in his footsteps.  Corey advanced the custom process again with the addition of Matrix,  a CAD/CAM program. Corey and his wife Katrina continue to run the store with the same high quality standards his dad taught him.

The store weathered many decades in its cozy spot on the walking mall.  In 2005 the Johnson's moved the store to its current location on N. Montana Ave.  The new space afforded them the much needed room for new technology.  This allows all work to be done onsite from start to finish.

Please come by and visit us today!

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